Every Day Is A Beach Day

Yesterday’s wave forecast was 5ft waves, coming from SW, in perfect 7 second sets. Everyone was happy on either side of the pier, and the water was quite crowded that mid-November morning.  Today not so much.
Today’s forecast was 2-4ft wave, NW, in who knows how many second “sets.” The only 4 footers I saw were 5 footer rogue waves that pulled me into the washing machine from behind while I was outside the breakers trying to figure out the confusion going on in the break zone- ha-ha. May have even inhaled some water in these funny currents that make random deep areas in waist deep water. Step, plunge.

Do I regret going to the beach today? Never. Water is water, and waves are waves, and we are lucky we have either. The ocean is a living thing, like us, and has many different moods. And we are the luckiest beings on earth to be able to play around in it on a Saturday morning. (Except for maybe the dolphins, who seem to be quite lucky.)

I was very happy to be part of these crazy wave conditions. I felt lucky.

Unless the beach disappears, which would be the worst day in the history of the world, every day is a beach day. Nothing is perfect, and yet everything is perfect. So go play and have a good time.

Thank you ocean!


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